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Are you looking for new experience ideas for your holidays? We have hunted down, tested and approved ideas for outings off the beaten track, gathered here in the form of “WhaToDoWhen”, classified by theme.
Come and visit this page regularly because we test new little tourist treasures every day.

Ploc, ploc... it's raining

In Provence, the weather is often beautiful. And yet there can be days when the weather is gloomy and rainy. You find yourself at a loose end, not knowing what to do. Don't panic, L'Atelier has put together a new WhaToDoWhen opus... it's raining. You'll find lots of ideas for spending a wonderful day, as unforgettable as a sunny one. Happy reading under the umbrellas!

Collect the Most Beautiful Villages in Provence #3 - Gard

A new episode of our serie on "Our" Most Beautiful Villages of Provence, this time with the villages of the Gard. As in the first two episodes, we've put them all under the microscope, in the form of collector's cards. Have you ever visited the village with the highest score?

Stroll in a Garden

Around our hotel, discover the most beautiful gardens in Provence

Visit Villeneuve

Come and discover MY Villeneuve-Lès-Avignon, that of a lover of this village with an exceptional historical heritage and many secrets!

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>> Day 2
>> Day 3 – Morning
>> Day 3 – Afternoon
>> My Bonuses
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Taste a good wine
#4 Western road

The Western Wine Route connects Nîmes, the Camargue and Uzes. This loop of 285 km in 24 stages takes you to discover 16 vineyards and the different "countries" of the region.

Bathe in a river or lake

We reveal 22 swimming spots around our hotel. In a lake, pond or river, escape for an exotic adventure and choose between unmissable sites, such as leisure bases ideal for families, and small, more secret and charming beaches.

Collect the Most Beautiful Villages in Provence
#1 - Luberon

We're continuing our tour of the Most Beautiful Villages in Provence with the villages of Mont Ventoux. As in the first episode, we've put them all under the microscope, in the form of gaming cards. Find out which village got the best score.

Collect the Most Beautiful Villages in Provence #4 - Gard

End of our series on "Our" Most Beautiful Villages of Provence, this time focusing on the villages of the Alpilles. Some are ultra-famous, others less so. You're likely to discover some little-known gems. Which of Provence's villages "has caught your eye"?

Want to unmask?

Go on bike rides, by car, on hikes... and discover 17 panoramic views to see Provence in 17 different ways.

Taste a good wine
#2 Eastern road

The Eastern Wine Route, a 250 km loop, with 22 stages, immerses you in an authentic and typically Provençal universe and makes you discover some of the most beautiful villages in Provence.

Travel to the other side of the world

Discover 8 sites in Provence, 8 experiences, 8 adventures... to travel and discover the world a few kilometers from our hotel.

Collect the Most Beautiful Villages in Provence
#2 - Ventoux

We start with the Luberon and 15 villages. We've sifted through them all, in the form of 15 collectible cards. Find out which village we gave the highest score to

Discover the surroundings

Admire the charm of Villeneuve-lez-Avignon, the wonders of its heritage, enjoy the atmosphere of the Provençal markets, cafes and restaurants, and the festivals and shows that enliven the town all year round.

Taste a good wine
#1 Northern road

The Route des Vins du Nord, a famous loop of 155 km, makes you discover, from Tavel to Cairanne, 19 vineyards and the most prestigious appellations including that of Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Taste a good wine
#3 Southern road

The Southern Wine Route, a 330 km loop between Ventoux and Lubéron, takes you through 21 stages to discover 13 vineyards.

A pharaonic project

Discover our selection of big budget tourist places near Avignon. These places have pulled out all the stops to offer you an exceptional tourist experience. They are essential during your trip!